Patient pagers easily protected against bacteria and viruses

Patient pagers that can be used with sprays and liquids for SAFE use by patients... be SAFE in your hospital - choose LRS Pagers. Checkout those dangerous infected pagers in the album - sold by others. Our pagers are robably the safest patient pagers in the world...


Photo Gallery showing LRS Patient pagers and less capable other systems


Bacteria, Viruses and your responsibility to your staff and the public

patients and Staff can pick up bacteriological or viral diseases from what they touch. And if you allow pagers or other devices to be used and you have no antibacterial regime in your hospital you could be allowing bacteria and viruses to run wild. Ask yourself if you want to be responsible for someone's death? We are sure you would not want that to happen, right?

So you should seriously consider our patient pagers for staff and patients. LRS pagers are designed with users in mind. We have no nooks or crannies, no speaker holes with foam on the inside to collect bacteria or viruses, no products that easily harbour those things and every step of our manufacturing is control assisted to ensure our products are first class and can easily be disinfected continuously to help eradicate bacteria and viruses on your paging systems.

Take a look at the albums above - firstly there is the LRS paging images album, but check out the second album entitled INFECTED PAGERS. These are images of many pagers and associated equipment that Long Range Systems has collected from real operational sites - you will probably be disturbed at just how bad some people operate - and worse - just how bad some paging equipment is at harboring bacteria and viruses. Take a look and remember to always buy Long Range Systems UK patient pagers - safer, stronger with superior warranties than others.

See EXACTLY why we are better than any pagers in the infected pagers section of this gallery





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Patient Pagers with Anti Bacteria and Anti Viral  Features
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