PC Networked Patient Pager Systems

Our network integrated PC paging system uses unique patient paging waiting lists so you are always up to speed with patient waiting. Probably the safest patient pagers in the world...



SAFETY First for Patient Pagers

lrsLong Range Systems has recently emphasised just how important it is to use sprays and liquids to combat bacteria, viruses and grime on patient gaers used in private and NHS hospitals in the UK

Updated: February 20th 2011


LRS Leads with Patient Paging in the UK

number1LRS appears to be winning the race to get the most patient pagers in private hospitals and NHS hospitals in the UK.

Sites as big as one square mile have been easily covered with their new range extending technologies.

Updated: February 20th 2011


NEW SMS Text Paging to Patients

patient-pagersLRS has developed new stand alone or networked SMS paging systems specifically designed with patients in mind for UK private and NHS hospitals.

Check our products out on this site or www.hospitalpagers.co.uk

Updated: February 20th 2011

PC Networked Patient Paging System

Netpage Unlimited for patient paging without bounds

Our PC paging system comprises of software and transmitters (as required) to cover areas where patient paging is required. What's more the system supports 'kiosks' so that customers can even book themselves in should that be a requirement.


Send messages topatients in your hospital via pager or text message from your PC's internet browser

Netpage Unlimited is the first network PC-based patient paging and messaging solution that provides scalability and unlimited range to improve your hospitals instant communication needs to patients (and staff if needed). As your hospital expands and your needs increase,  locations can easily be added to your Netpage Unlimited system. NetPage Unlimited grows as your hospital grows. LRS guarantees range coverage with flawless text messaging communication regardless of location. No need for repeaters to extend range.
Ideal For: Small to LargeHospitals (including those with international or regional offices)
Range Capability: Unlimited
Users: Supports up to 100,000 users (Netpage Unlimited ships with 5 user licenses. Additional user licenses can be purchased).


• IP/web browser based – No program installation required on user's PC
• Instant and silent communication to patients
• Send messages directly from any networked PC
• Easy-to-use interface with the most advanced features
• Eliminate overhead patient paging
• Page individual patients or everyone (groups supported)
• Increase staff efficiency with patients
• Improve staff response time to patients
• Reduce on-hold hang ups
• Efficient, quick, and reliable communication throughout your hospital
• Reach patients no matter where they are
• Multiple paging and alert modes using wireless messaging to pagers, cellular phones, and email

Customer Paging

NetPage Unlimited supports Staff Paging. But Now you can easily generate electronic waitlists and call your patients via pager or mobile phone. Your patients are no longer tied to a waiting room. NetPage unlimited has the ability to share a waitlist so you can have one person assigning pagers to patients and another staff member paging them when it's their turn for their appointment. NetPage Unlimited will also collect wait time statistics so you can evaluate your staff requirements during peek times. Reporting is also available.

Standard Features:

Some features are for Staff paging and other features are more suited to patient paging:

• Global Groups – page an administrator created group or department at once, these groups are available to every user
• My Groups – users may setup personal groups to page a group of up to 5 people
• Global Alarms – send an alert to an administrative defined group or department at once
• My Alarms – send a user-defined alert as a personal reminder
• Paging Families – maximizes efficiency by grouping one or more Transmit Controller(s) together for non-interfered transmission
• On Premise/Off Premise Status Settings – displays user status based on location whether inside or outside the building
• Administrator Reporting – System Administrator has access to all user logins, status, and messaging history
• Receptionist Module – update employee’s (staff) on-premise or off-premise status
• Auto On/Off – set the system to automatically turn pagers on and off at preset times each day
• Quick Search – locate employees from the directory quickly with predictive text
• Compatible with all LRS alphanumeric staff and guest pagers
• Full scalability – add local and global users as company expands
• Telephone Interface (coming soon) – allows users to page staff from any telephone
• Push Button Alerts (coming soon) – allow users or customers to page a staff member at the press of a button

Optional Add-Ons features*:

• Patient Waitlists– allows the use of waitlists that can be shared by multiple users for patient paging. Users can add patients to waitlists, as well as, page patients
• SMS Text Messaging – allows users to send SMS text messaging for off-premise paging
• Email Alert Messages – set email alerts to be received whenever a page is sent. Receive an email when you are paged.
*Additional fees are assessed for Optional Add-Ons


NETConnect was created for 3rd party software companies wishing to add staff or guest paging to their software. NETConnect allows developers to use the NetPage infrastructure to give their software unlimited range. The user interface is simple and everything is accessible via Ethernet. With NETConnect, you just tell the NetPage Server to page a staff member and it will handle the rest, including buffering messages for delivery when the network is available.


Netpage Unlimited Transmitter

The TX74C232 and TX74USB Transmitter

Product Features

  • UHF frequency (420 – 470 MHz)
  • Synthesized frequency and modulation
  • Requires 1 USB port
  • Complete software control
  • 3 LED status indicators
  • Supports over 1000 pagers
  • Operates on 240V
  • Supports up to 76 precanned messages
  • All commands are sent via ASCII text
  • Overall size: 4" x 8" x 1"
  • Operating frequency: 459.100 MHz for the UK

Other Benefits:

  • Create your own application to operate with any LRS pager.
  • Designed to interface with any computer and an on-premise paging system.

For further information on Netpage Unlimited please call 01782 537000 or fill out our contact form.




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Patient Pagers with Anti Bacteria and Anti Viral  Features
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