Paging Systems sprays and liquids safe

Paging Equipment used by patients and staff are all handled over and over. Bacteria and Viruses including H1N1 can reside on them. LRS Patient pagers can be cleaned with antibacterial sprays or liquids without damage to the pager. Probably the safest patient pagers in the world...



SAFETY First for Patient Pagers

lrsLong Range Systems has recently emphasised just how important it is to use sprays and liquids to combat bacteria, viruses and grime on patient gaers used in private and NHS hospitals in the UK

Updated: February 20th 2011


LRS Leads with Patient Paging in the UK

number1LRS appears to be winning the race to get the most patient pagers in private hospitals and NHS hospitals in the UK.

Sites as big as one square mile have been easily covered with their new range extending technologies.

Updated: February 20th 2011


NEW SMS Text Paging to Patients

patient-pagersLRS has developed new stand alone or networked SMS paging systems specifically designed with patients in mind for UK private and NHS hospitals.

Check our products out on this site or

Updated: February 20th 2011

Safe Patient Paging Systems

Types of Patient Pagers for Hospitals

There are two styles of basic patient pagers available today:

  • The 'coaster' pager or one of its derivatives
  • The 'paddle' pager or one of its derivatives

Each product has certain advantages over the other one, however, it can be assimed by the reader that the 'paddle' pager is a newer development to the 'coaster' pager.

Patient Pager - coaster design

The coaster pager was invented back in 1993 by Long Range Systems and we have continuously sold that product in to more than 20 industries ever since. At inception we thought of every feature that you could apply to a patient or customer pager at that time and indeed we patented every feature.



This coaster pager is entirely suitable for patients in hospitals. Its features are as follows:

  • Sealing bumper around edge of the patient pager
  • 4 pins for charging (these pagers stack on each other to charge) 2 spare for redundancy - this is a unique feature in the industry
  • Sealed housing facilitating sprays and liquids to be used for antibacterial purposes
  • Water resistant
  • Pager number can be seen even while on charge
  • Pager sits 'flat' while on charge to avoid them being knocked over (others sit at an angle because of our patents)
  • Pager is reprogrammable over the air - no holes for programming in the case - or to hold bacteria
  • Nickel metal hydride battery with a 5 year life (changeable at that time)
  • Custom labels available on request (optional)

The 'coaster' style patient pager is probably our most used product in hospitals, but sometimes hospitals may need a slightly different patient pager and we manufacture the 'paddle' patient pager for that as below.

LRS Paddle Pager for Patients



The features of the 'paddle' pager are as follows:

  • Very close fit between components which allows sprays and liquids to be used for antibacterial purposes
  • Pager number can be seen even when on charge
  • Pager is reprogrammable over the air - no programming holes in the body
  • Nickel metal hydride battery with a 5 year life - replaceable at that time
  • Area on the back and front for advertising or patient instructions

Both pager styles are being used today throughout the world and here in the UK we supply, install and maintain all customers from our Stoke on Trent offices.


Please check out our stand alone paging systems and our PC patient paging systems.

If you need any more information please call us on 01782 537000 or fill out our contact form.




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Patient Pagers with Anti Bacteria and Anti Viral  Features
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