The best warranty there is - new for old

We offer simply the best warranty in the industry. Probably the safest patient pagers in the world...



SAFETY First for Patient Pagers

lrsLong Range Systems has recently emphasised just how important it is to use sprays and liquids to combat bacteria, viruses and grime on patient gaers used in private and NHS hospitals in the UK

Updated: February 20th 2011


LRS Leads with Patient Paging in the UK

number1LRS appears to be winning the race to get the most patient pagers in private hospitals and NHS hospitals in the UK.

Sites as big as one square mile have been easily covered with their new range extending technologies.

Updated: February 20th 2011


NEW SMS Text Paging to Patients

patient-pagersLRS has developed new stand alone or networked SMS paging systems specifically designed with patients in mind for UK private and NHS hospitals.

Check our products out on this site or

Updated: February 20th 2011


Our Warranty for hospital paging solutions

New for Old Warranty on Paging Systems

Here in the UK we have offered our famous warranty of 'new for old' product exchange for at least the last five years.

There is no other company that offers what we do with warranty which can also be as long as *TEN years.

Our warranty is now *10 YEARS!

Why buy other products with inferior warranties? Imagine having a warranty that lasts for *10 Years... well stop imagining - it's right here - right now! Don't expect to see this any time soon from distributors or those Chinese products out there - it won't happen. LRS UK ONLY

* terms apply.

Our paging systems by use are often abused and misused - they have a tough life. That's why we make them the way we do - to last for a long time. Typically a paging system should last at least FIVE years but sometimes that does not happen because of pager abuse.

However, we also operate another facility where we can even cover lost or broken pagers on your systems. Ask for details.

14 Day Trial Period

Lastly we do offer a 14 day trial period for customers - again an LRS forst in the world. You will find that other manufacturers either scimp on warranty or trial periods or both.

Don't believe us? Check those guys out for yourself...  remember we told you.

We look forward to talking with you about our equipment and products and services so please do fill out our contact form and we will get back to you soon.

























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Patient Pagers with Anti Bacteria and Anti Viral  Features
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