Patient Pagers - Antibacteria Capable

Patient Pagers - most cannot be cleaned with Antibacterial and Anti Viral sprays or liquids... some have holes to harbour bugs - OURS CAN BE CLEANED and OURS ARE SAFE.... MANY OTHER BRANDS ARE NOT...



SAFETY First for Patient Pagers

lrsLong Range Systems has recently emphasised just how important it is to use sprays and liquids to combat bacteria, viruses and grime on patient gaers used in private and NHS hospitals in the UK

Updated: February 20th 2011


LRS Leads with Patient Paging in the UK

number1LRS appears to be winning the race to get the most patient pagers in private hospitals and NHS hospitals in the UK.

Sites as big as one square mile have been easily covered with their new range extending technologies.

Updated: February 20th 2011


NEW SMS Text Paging to Patients

patient-pagersLRS has developed new stand alone or networked SMS paging systems specifically designed with patients in mind for UK private and NHS hospitals.

Check our products out on this site or

Updated: February 20th 2011

Patient Paging Systems for SAFE operation in Hospital Environments

Where pagers used by patients is concerned there are many choices to buy.

But the truth is that many of these brands available have problems when they are used in the hospital environment. LRS patient pagers are different.

Designed for hospitals

  • LRS patient pagers are robust, cost effective, and can be cleaned with sprays and liquids to combat bacteria and viruses
  • Our patient paddle pager cna also be used for promoting cleanliness in the hospital. For example you can put a message on the pager that advises patients to wash their hands
  • The coaster patient pager is sealed and has a rubber buffer in case it is dropped - and you can advertise procedures on the coaster with an optional customised label.
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sealed sealedback

Examples of LRS patient pagers - spray and liquid safe for true antibacterial cleansing

Why LRS?

Simple. We are the inventor of the coaster pager and have sold patient paging systems throughout the whole world. Those systems are still in use today and many systems are being used in hospitals and private medical facilities. Here in the UK we have supplied many private and NHS hospitals. If you would like references please do ask we are proud of, any take pride in our hospital clients.

Total Safety

We recommend the use of sprays and liquids on our pagers for fighting bacteria, viruses and general handling dirt. Its a fact that pagers will get infected with bacteria and viruses and other nasty things if the pager is not cleaned properly.

In the case of other pagers out there, many of them have designs simply not suitable for hospital environments. For example many of them have 'speaker holes' which easily harbour dirt and grime - and of course bacteria and viruses. Those products are simply unable to be effectively cleaned because of those holes and other openings by design. More recently some of those companies have tried to use a coating that (believe it or not) was designed for door handles. We will leave you to figure out how useful that solution will be.

Our patient pagers do not suffer in this way - buy patient pagers that are SAFE for the patient AND the hospital - buy LRS Pagers.

More Information and free trial?

If you would like firther information or a 14 day trial of our equipment please do contact us on 01782 537000 or fill out our contact form.

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Patient Pagers with Anti Bacteria and Anti Viral  Features
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